Since you have a beautiful new custom made frame, you might as well start grinding the hell out of it and start welding on it.... ain't nothing easy. 

You've got to start somewhere..

In this case we found a great running donor bike and immediately cut the guts out of it and sold off the non essentials. You will not recognize this when it is rebuilt and gets all the shinny stuff on it!

While we are at it, let's throw in an Andrews cam to make it go thump and about $500 bucks worth of chrome do dads and thingamabobs to make it sexier !!!!!!!!!!

Well, more fine tuning, this thing is slicker than a baby's butt. You know he still has more tabs to weld and holes to drill but taking it one step at a time. 

Finally starting to get the picture of the outline of the bike. Low, stretched out and badass. Will be more motor than anything.  

There had been some discussion of chroming the frame so it was finished out to leave that option open.

A LOT of detail work went into it just in case.... but Chuck finally got the vision of the paint scheme in his head and the frame will be painted after all... and no it isn't going to be rattle can flat black, I can hear all you smart asses out there.

All we need now is a proud new owner, a celabratory beer and a picture of a babe on the bike! OK Steve, what are we building next????

Here we go again.... Steve is a buddy from Alabama that we built the '56 Bobber for. We are grateful now to have the pleasure of building a Shovelhead for him. He has requested it be all Harley running gear, electric start and a profile of a short chopper. Of course it's going to be a ridgid...Steve ain't no pussy! The bike will be electric start and built to show quality.  Not much to ask for...

Ok, Chuck is starting to rant... 5th time sanding this frame and one more to go. He is not going to let this frame go until it looks like it was dipped in plastic. Just no substitute for doing it right. Speaking of doing it right, Randy has this pig skinned to the bone and going to blasting and chrome. 

Ok, so then you design a frame to match the image that's in Chuck's head and have it built especially for this bike. When you get it in, you have to mock up the engine placement. While you ponder on the fit and oil line routing you might as well have a cold adult beverage...


Type your paragraph here.

Fourth round of smoothing and priming. This thing is going to be slick. Trans and drive line are cleaning up nicely. Wait till you see it with all the chrome on it!

Now where we we??? Oh yea, How about heads, drive line and oil tank all done up in shinny chrome. A couple of tires in basic black and all the needed parts to make it go down the road.......

All right, back to the eye candy........ how about some killer metal flake in some high dollar Foose colors? Not sure if Chuck was having a flash back when he picked the colors but damn they sure work. Of course it got an extended chrome springer and raked back sissy bar. Hand me some shades... it's getting bright in here!


Panhead City


Seeing the finished product coming together. Any '70s look has got to have up-swept pipes with a cocktail shackers. Check out the way the rake of the front end along with the short apes and sissy bar are all on the same plain. That does not happen by accident. To get that kind of balance Chuck started with it in his head and made sure every part would fit the style.

Time to get it off the stand and into the sunlight! This bike sounds and rides as good as it looks! The classic Harley sound is definatley here. The ride is fantastic. Surprisingly comfortable and makes you feel like a million bucks just to be seen on it! 

​As we learned in the last build, Chuck can make chicken salad out of chicken shit, so here is the gorgeous new rear fender to be....