Panhead City


Steve's Shovel. We have a build page going on for this bike. Look up at the tabs on top of this page for more pics and description. It is going to be nice.

Randy's bike is an '01 that was lacking a little loving. Mechanically it is great but had been sitting a while and some hacks decided to "fix" some stuff on it. A little wiring to button up and she is ready to go. He says he is going to sell it so if you are interested, give a call....

Sweet little stock swooptail frame. Not sure if it will be a bobber or go back stock. Check out the sanitary cases coming together! It does not have a home yet so come have it built for you.


How about a bone ass stock '96 Softail Evo? Factory paint! Only problem is trans exploded during a hard ass shift! Shafts, gears and case all to hell. Trans only made two years so tough fix!Type your paragraph here.



This little hard tail shovel has been on the stand a while. Just a lack of money holding it up! Sad but happens

How about a 140 cubic incher? Building the frame and all for a buddy thats about 6'8" and 280. Needs a big frame and motor! Yep, thats the frame to be laying in the floor. 2.5" molly. 


Everybody stops by to see what is on the stands being built so thought we would share them with you. So grab a beer and lets walk through the shop....


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