Panhead City


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Panhead is more than just a bike shop. It is about the lifestyle of oldschool bikes and bikers. On the property there is actually several buildings that came from the need to store parts and accommodate all the drop in guests and spur of the moment parties.
The Barn is full of parts as well as the Shop which has grown to over 6,000 square feet one addition after another. The Harley House has grown over the years from a single room cabin to now boasting three levels including the bar completely equipped with glow in the dark stripper bar carpet. The bunk house started out just as the name implies but now it is full of stuff and has the party bar attached.
There are antique display cases everywhere with everything collectable including some rare Harley bling everyone needs to complete a restoration.

The shop has expanded over the years to house all of the collections and the garage area with 8 stands and all the specialized tools to repair and maintain antique and modern Harleys. 

Chuck and his brothers were born into the biker lifestyle and Harley Davidsons have been a major part of their lives. Chuck's dad, aka Speedy Summers, is the man behind the love of motorcycles. Speedy has passed but his memory is alive and well. Speedy was truly an "original biker" and had the stories to tell. Luckily Chuck even recorded and saved those.

Chuck still has his first Harley, a 1950 FL that has taken him through high school and three round trips to California in the 70's. Yep, he was a long haired, dope smoking hippie surfer at one point in his life! Yep, he saved his surf boards too.

He has ridden with about all the clubs through out the years but has never chosen to join, always preferring to go in his own directions.

You will find Chuck to be quite the personality, never meeting a stranger and known through out the old school motorcycle community. You can never go anywhere with out him running into a old friend or at least knowing someone in common.

In his words.... " it all started when I was in high school and had a Kawasaki Z900. My friends gave me hell cause they all had Panheads. What they didn't know was that I had a 1950 at home that I was restoring myself. I rode it to my my 'ol buddies house and made them all eat it! I still have that Panhead. It has made 3 trips to California, one to New York, one to Michigan and countless times to Daytona. I finally settled down in Rome. Every time I would go somewhere with my friends, someone would break down and I would have to work on their bike. Before I knew it, I had a pile of old cycles to work on. Me and Billy Lackey hung three tin signs on a hickory tree and that's how the shop started. That was in 1980 and I went on the books in 1982.

Now my old bones are kind of tired and I ride an Ultra Classic. But if something goes wrong I can always drag out my old Pan."  

The first Panhead City was a small shack and Chuck worked on bikes for his family and friends. He started building bikes from bare frames using spare parts and treasures from swap meets that he collected. He was constantly buying old bikes and parts building an impressive inventory of collectable items. 

Panhead City ​is owned and operated by Chuck Summers and is located just north of Rome Georgia on Hwy 53. Chuck started this shop over 35 years ago and it is still in the same location. He has a passion for anything antique but Harleys have always been his focus. Everywhere you look you will see collectable parts, tools, toys and furniture.