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The History of Panhead City
Panhead City is owned and operated by Chuck Summers, it's located in Rome Georgia just off Hwy 53. Chuck has a long reputation in antique motorcycle restoration.
When you walk into Panhead City you can't help but feel your in a very unique place. As you look around the shop
you see memorabilia everywhere, even on the ceiling! Until you can experiance it first hand, look around our websight for pictures.

Chuck has a passion for antiques, especially antique bikes
Panhead City is filled with antiques... motorcycles, toys,
 memorbilia, equipment, tools and more.
Everywhere you look you'll see an antique something.
There is even a huge room filled with antique motorcycles!
Most bikes run and Chuck can be seen riding them regularly.

Panhead City 1982

Some History

The first Panhead City was a small "shack" and Chuck worked on bikes for family, friends and others. He built bikes from bare frames and spare parts using whatever was available.

Chuck soon expanded to a new shop and filled it with a huge selection of merchandice. Panhead City grew into the
extraordinary place it is today through sheer hard work and love of american motorcycles.

Chuck and his brothers were born into the biker lifestyle and
Harley Davidsons have been a major part of there lives.
Chuck still has his very first bike a 1950 Panhead Hydra Glide
that he rode to school. (see photos of chuck, family and old shop here)


Chucks dad Pappy,aka "Speedy" Summers is the man behind
the love of motorcycles. Speedy has passed on but his memory
is still alive and well. Dont forget to check out the Panhead
that Chuck built for him.

Chuck spends most of his time at the shop building motors, talking with customers, visitors and friends. Working on bikes, selling bikes 
and on the phone. But hey now... he does take time to goof off
when he has time, and once you meet him you'll find him to be
quite the personality.
"It all started when I was 15 years old I had a Kawasaki Z900
that I rode to see my friends. They gave me hell cause thay had Panheads. What they didnt know was I had a 1950 Panhead at home being restored. I rode it to my ol buddies cabin when it was finished and made all my friends eat it. Today I still have that old pan, its made three trips to California,
one to New York, and one to Michigan. I took countless trips to Daytona on it. Finally I settled down in Rome,Georgia.
Everytime I'd go somewhere with my friends someone would break down and I'd have to work on there bike. Before I knew it
I had a pile of cycles to work on. Me and Billy Lackey hung three tin signs behind the house on a hickory tree and thats how the shop started. This was 1980 and I went on the books in 1982.
Now my old bones are kinda tired and I ride an ultra classic.
I had a speaker go out on the dresser, so I may drag the ol Panhead out again.''

Chuck and his little brother Mike