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How many of ya'll have a numbers matching '47 knucklehead laying around. Cases are perfect and all the fly wheels are original to the motor. Stock bore with 90 percent of everything there. Motor alone with the price of a new Honda. Oh yea, we have the title to it! 

​Getting everything sorted out before the engine gets built. Damn, wonder what that cool old Hummer tanks is doing on that cart? Chucks been screwing around with the plan again....

Appropriately we are building a Knucklehead for Knucklehead Cafe. Inappropriately, it is being named "Give Me Some Of That Pu**y Bitch! Customer wanted the most bad ass Knuckle Bobber we could build. Says he wants the gals just to drop their panties when they see it!!. He has about 5 cool old bikes from us already displayed so to get this one to really stand out will be a challenge!

 Yea that's a beautiful old Harley frame with all the tabs, side car loops and brake tube still there. 

 Now if ya'll have followed any of the other build pages, you know what Chuck does when  confronted with a beautiful frame! He starts making sparks!! No worries, not cutting the good  stuff  just clearing off the abuse it has suffered in the past from crap being added on.